Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Well, today I decided that it might be a good day to start a blog. What better thing to discuss than the very thing that I am passionate about. Art. Of course, most people that know me might think that I would be leaning more toward the musical side of art, which I am largely fond of. I used to be a musician, and if I had time, might still do so, but life has had other ideas for me so, I have not been as in touch with that as of late. Anyway, the art that I am leaning more toward is graphic art. I have been introduced to this medium in many ways, but mostly in the relm of gaming. Yep, you heard me gaming... and before you get too bored and run away yawning, I will explain.

Through several online games, MMORPGs and social networking games, I have come to the astounding realization that I may just be an artist in more than one way. I never considered for one second when growing up as an adolescent that I may have the ability to do anything artistic aside from playing various musical instruments. Until I found graphic art. Now I spend much time learning what it's about, how to creat graphics from nothing but a white screen and an idea in my head.

Now don't get me wrong, I have help. My best friend PhotoShop and my other good friend Corel, are lifesavers at the kinds of effects that I have learned to do. I have spent countless hours at the computer watching videos on YouTube learning new techniques and the most amazing thing about it all.... it is fun. I am ever the perfectionist, and this generally brings me to tears when I just can't get something right, however learning how to do something new in PhotoShop has only brought me greater joy and made me proud of myself. I crave for something new, to learn, even master... to make something beautiful.

So today's post is a huge welcome and a little background into my world, as strange and quirky as it might be, to follow my journey as I continue on this wonderous path as an artist.

Much love,

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